Happy Shavuot - Cross stitch pattern

Aya Rosen
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In a very efficient manner, and as culture evolves, Shavuot is a holiday that celebrate a few things.

First of all, it is a harvest festival celebrating the first harvest of wheat which happens, in Israel, around this time of the year. 

It also commemorate the tradition of bringing the first harvest of fruit to Bait Ha’Mikdash, the temple in ancient Jerusalem, as an offering to the priests.

The third thing Shavuot celebrates is one of my favorite Biblical stories, The book of Ruth, how she became Jewish, followed her mother in law, after the death of their husbands to Israel, how she met Boaz and how she became the great grandmother of King David. I really love the idea of one of the most revered characters in the old testament having a non Jewish born great grandmother. I feel like the core of the story is about welcoming and accepting strangers.

The forth thing is Matan Tora, Moses being given the Tora, the 10 commandment and other writing from god and then giving them to the Hebrews. Shavuot means weeks, and this holiday is exactly 7 weeks after Passover, so by then the Hebrews escaped Egypt, crossed the sea and were deep in the desert.

Because of the agricultural connection, celebrating first harvest, first fruits and first birth of calves and lambs. The traditional feast is of vegetable, fruit and dairy. In rural areas in Israel, there are parades of farmers and ranchers showing their harvest. And children wear flower crowns and bring baskets of fruits to school.

There are 3 versions of the pattern, Hebrew, English and "All things big and small" in case you don't celebrate Shavuot or wants something you can display year around.

  • 3 versions of the pattern, in color and BW, pattern is 80X80 stitches, charted in 6 colors DMC

  • 3 versions of the pattern, in color and BW, pattern is 80X80 stitches, charted in 6 colors DMC
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Happy Shavuot - Cross stitch pattern

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